N4ESS 10 Meter Synched Beacon 28250.0 KHz

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My propagation beacon, N4ESS/B is a synchronized 10 meter beacon. Synchronized? Synchronized to what and why you ask. It is one of several beacons on 28250 KHz. Each is operating in its own time slot. They are synchronized by GPS timing. N4ESS/B is operating in a time slot from the top of each minute to 10 seconds after. Why? Frequency management. Several beacons on the same frequency all in their own time slot. Tune to 28250.0 and listen. Presently the beacons on 28250.0 are N4ESS/B 0:00, WB4WOR/B 0:30, K7EK/B 0:40, N4ES/B 0:50 also 0:20. The N4ESS/B beacon equipment is a Radio Shack HTX100 ten meter transmitter, keyed by an Expanded Spectrum Systems (ESS) Freakin' Beacon (FB2) that is time synchronized with a GPS receiver. The transmitted signal power settings are accomplished by an ESS Beacon Attenuator with power output at - 20w, 2w, 200mw, 20mw on the four long tones after the ID to a 10 Meter Ringo antenna, vertical polarization. The ESS Beacon Attenuator receives its control settings directly from the ESS Freakin' Beacon. The Freakin' Beacon and the Beacon Attenuator were designed by Bill Coleman, N4ES, and can be purchased through Expanded Spectrum Systems.

The N4ESS 10 meter beacon is located at the station location listed on QRZ.com and is in grid EL88ta.

Below are pictures of the Freakin' Beacon FB1 (smaller of the two) and FB2 and the ESS Beacon Attenuator. The 2x2" unit next to the Beacon Attenuator is and ESS Flash Crystal.

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