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Hello from Rich Kennedy - N4ESS in Zephyrhills, FL. USA

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Read the history below. One of the guys that is listed here, Glenn Mosher, ex-WA8QVQ, has contacted me after 37 years. We drifted apart after my parents moved. He found me on the internet and sent an email. He is doing great and lives and works in Europe now with his wife Suzanne.

Callsign history N4ESS

I learned Morse code in Boy Scouts for a merit badge from a friend Bryon Hunter's father, Merlin Hunter, in Muskegon, Michigan. Originally being from Dade City, Florida living in Michigan was COLD!
WN8TQI - Novice app 1965 (My records lost in moving) The Novice station was located at 1272 E. Forest Ave. Muskegon, Michigan 49442. The first rig was an RME-4300 receiver, DX40 transmitter, a straight key, an old Vibroplex bug that I bought with my newspaper money(I had to add washers to the swing arm to slow it down as the counter weights were not enough), and an 80/40 meter Dipole (nothing small for me, it was long)

WA8YGA - General about 1965. The General class station was located at the same location as the Novice station. The general station added a Globe VFO to the DX40 and a Hammarland HQ-100, HQ150, HQ170C, a D-104 microphone and keeping the original station also. A homebrew 300 watt amplifier was added later for CW punch. AM was the phone mode and it worked great. Working 10 meter AM was a blast. A Heathkit Twoer was added after a trip to the factory in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The two meter antenna was a ground plane made from coat hangers. The big antenna was a vertical on 40 meters mounted on top of a 20 ft piece of tower perched on top of our garage. Guy wires were everywhere due to its giant size. Pics are available. My parents were supportive but had no radio knowledge. I had to rely on riding my bicycle around looking for antennas and knocking on doors. Lots of Elmers back then so it was fairly easy. I had a couple a guys my age Rick Dial,WA8PKP(now AA8JZ), and Glenn Mosher,WA8QVQ, that were both hams. We fed on each others excitement. We had to keep up the CW as novices because the General test was 13 wpm. Rick Dial had an older brother that was also a ham, Wayne Dial W8AJU. Glenn Mosher had a Globe King 500B transmitter.

WB4LJY - General WB4LJY was the product of moving back to Dade City, Florida. (Thank God my parents came to their senses.) The General Class Station was set up at 111 S. 11th St., Dade City, Florida. A new rig a Swan 500 and a set of dipoles on 40, 20, 15, and 10. The General station moved to 6807 Oakdale Drive Tampa, Fl. 33610 in the fall of 1969. The military came around in the summer of 1970 and off to the Air Force I went. There I met and am still close friends with Bill Coleman, N4ES. Bill Coleman is my closest friend and CW partner. We were in the military together for four years, watched each others families grow up and have been going to the Dayton Hamvention together since 1992. We had a dream to go to Dayton way back when we first heard about it and when we got older we made it a reality. The station was again moved in the spring of 1971 to 7017 Allview Drive, Tampa, Fl. My neighbor was Mike Hatfield, now KO4PM. I gave him his Novice exam when he was stationed at Macdill AFB in Tampa, Florida and he became a ham. In the Fall of 1978 it was moved to 908 Chadsworth Drive, Seffner, Florida.

AD4RB - Advanced and Extra, Extra issued 03-29-94. I took the test in sections. I took the code first as I was well over the 20 wpm that was required. Took the Advanced section and then came back about a month later at another hamfest and took the Extra. That station was located at 6807 Oakdale Drive, Tampa, Florida as I purchased my parents old house in 1984.

N4ESS - Issued 2-23-2001 I got the Vanity call sign change to N4ESS and my close friend is N4ES, Bill Coleman. Imagine the call exchange on the radio when you hear us talking. We both still think that CW IS Ham Radio. It is what makes us unique and binds us to our heritage. If you ever meet one of us remember to ask about the time the blocking cap shorted in the Ranger Transmitter and the high voltage was on the antenna connector. You should have seen our eyes when the giant street light bulb aka dummy load burned out as I turned it to transmit. I am glad to see that arrangements are made in the licensing for new hams to come into this hobby but I don't agree with the Amateur Extra Class licensing provisions now. I will continue promote to new hams to continue on the heritage of learning and using CW. At one time it made us a very unique group indeed.

December 2009 The station has been moved to my new address at 6645 Founders St., Zephyrhills, FL. 33542. The 10 meter beacon has also been moved to this location.

Check out some of the above listed pages for more information especially the WP2Z page.

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