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People ask me what I do with my spare time; I work. I work as a helicopter pilot at my flying job, I teach, I work with my electronics business, and still manage to put in time with my hobby, Ham Radio.

The pictures below are from my work at PHI, Petroleum Helicopters Inc. The first one is me sitting in the flight planning are of PHI Theodore Base in Theodore, AL. The next one is of the office at 6000 Deakle Rd., Theodore, AL.

Me, N4ESS, at work.

PHI Theodore, 6000 Deakle Rd. Theodore, AL.

This is the flight line area of the PHI Theodore office.

Sunrise at PHI Theodore Base.

A BH206B3 sitting on the deck of an offshore platform.

This is Main Pass 252 an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Flight line at PHI Boothville, LA. The Mississippi River in the background.

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