Peg's Orchids

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Peg, N4PEG, (ex-KK4KYL), put a lot of time into this particular orchid. She does not grow them for anything but their beauty. She has only recently started to spend more time planting orchids. Her most recent acquisition was a vanilla orchid but now her most recent acquisition is her Ham Radio license in Aug 2012.

On August 6, 2012 she passed her Technicians Class license at the Lakeland Amateur Radio Club, LARC, testing session. On 4/1/2013 Peggy passed her General class license at the LARC testing session and on 6/1/2013 she passed her Extra Class license test at the American Red Cross office in Lake Wales, FL. The testing session was offered by the Lake Wales Radio Amateurs club, LWRA. Peggy is a member of the Lakeland Amateur Radio Club, LARC, in Lakeland FL. The club meets the first Monday of every month and the schedule and location can be found on the LARC web site.

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